Ugarčić-Hardi Žaneta

 Ugarcic-HardiZaneta Ugarčić-Hardi, Žaneta, Prof. PhD.
Born: 1946
Department of Bioprocess Engineering,
Emeritus of the Academy (admitted 2002)
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering (1971), M.Sc. (-), Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (1983), Eidgenossische technische Hochschule, Zurich
University of Osijek, Faculty of Food Technology, Franje Kuhača 18, 31000 Osijek
Cereal Chemistry and Technology, Technological Quality of Flour, Milling, Bread and Pasta Production, Extruded Products
Selected publications:

1. Ugarčić-Hardi, Žaneta; Koceva Komlenić, Daliborka; Jukić, Marko; Kuleš, Anđa; Jurkin, Ivana. Quality properties of white bread with native and extruded wheat bran supplements. // Chech Journal of Food Sciences. 27 (2009) , Special Issue; S285-S289

2. Ugarčić-Hardi, Žaneta; Jukić, Marko; Koceva Komlenić, Daliborka; Sabo, Mirjana; Hardi, Jovica. Quality Parameters of Noodles made with Different Supplements. // Czech Journal of Food Sciences. 25 (2007) , 3; 151-157

3. Ugarčić-Hardi, Žaneta; Hackenberger, Dubravka; Hackenberger K., Branimir. New approach to the influence of flour moisture on the determination of the Falling number. // Deutsche Lebensmittel-Rundschau. 100 (2004) , 8; 298-301

4. Koceva Komlenić, Daliborka; Ugarčić-Hardi, Žaneta; Hackenberger, Dubravka. Impact of pectin and carboxymethiylcellulose on rheological properties of wheat flour. // Deutsche Lebensmittel-Rundshau. 98 (2002) , 9; 332-338

5. Ugarčić-Hardi, Žaneta; Hackenberger, Dubravka. Influence of drying temperatures on chemical composition of certain croatian winter wheats. // Acta Alimentaria. 30 (2001) , 2; 145-157


Selected scientific projects

Since 1987. head researcher of 6 and co-researcher on 4 scientific projecs finaced by Ministry  of Science  and Ministry of Agriculter Republic of Croatia

1. 1991-1996. „Effect of extrusion on the   technological parameters of wheat–based  products”

2. 1998-2001. „Production and quality of  wheat in Slavonia and Baranja”

3. 1997-1999. and 2002-2006. „Improving of  the production of nutritionally high-value  food”

4. 2006-2013. „Improving the quality and  functionality of wheat-based products”

5. 2001-2004. Tempus projekt TEMPUS  UM_JEP-16015-2001-CRO: „Development of Quality Assurance System in Higher      Education – QUASYS

Activity and work of common professional meaning

1. President of organizing and scientific committee of International Science Congress  „Flour-Bread”, Opatija, Croatia, 1997., 1999., 2001., 2003., 2005., 2007., 2009.

2. Since 1998. Delegat of the Republic Croatia in „International Association for Cereal Science and Technology”

3. Vice-rector for science at the University Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek, 2001-2005.

4. Reviewer of more than 20 research/technonological projects  for the Ministry of Science  and Ministry of Agriculter of Republic Croatia

5. Member of the Editorial Board International scientific journals:”Chech. Journal of Food  Science”, Czech. Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Prague, “Food Processing, Quality

& Safety”, Faculty of Food Technology, Novi Sad, “Croatian Journal of Food Science  and Technology”, Faculty of Food Technology, Osijek, “Hrvatski pekar”, Robinson,  Zagreb.


Awards and honors

1. 2010.  Life Achievement Award ”The Power of Knowledge”, Croatian Academy of  Engineering, Croatia

2. 2005.  Awarded of the „International Association for Cereal Science and Technology” For the contribution to the organisation of „Brašno-Kruh 05”, Opatija, Croatia

3. 2001.  Awarded a Charter of the Faculty of Food Technology in Osijek for excellent  achievements in teaching, scientific and professional activities






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