Jurković Sonja

 JurkovicSonja Jurković, Sonja, Prof. PhD.
Born: 1942
Department of Architecture and Urban Planning,
Emeritus of the Academy (admitted 2002)
B.Sc. Architecture (1966), Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, M.Sc. Agriculture (1976), Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Ph.D. Architecture (1994), Faculty of
Architecture, University of Zagreb
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, Kačićeva 26, 10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 1 4639222/158, fax: +385 1 4639284,
e-mail: sonja.jurkovic@arhitekt.hr
Regional and Landscape Planning, Urban and Landscape Design
 Selected publications:  1. “Croatia – The shores of Istria” in EUROPE: CAST WISE, an Anthology of Reflections on Architecture and Tourism,010 Publisher, Rotterdam, 1997, ISBN 90-640-250-1

2. “Attempt to Secure a Life by the River – Zagreb in Sava out”, Landscapes of Water, Uniongrafica Corcelli Editrice, Bari, Italy, 2002, ISBN 88-7329-030-2

3. “Comparison of General Principles of urban Planning from 1971 to 2011” International Scientific Conference – RETHINKING URBANISM, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, May 2012, ISBN 978-953-6646-23-4

4. “What Can Be Done with the Refinery in Mlaka – an Approach to the Problems and Potentials of This Area”,  5th International Conference on Industrial Heritage, PRO Torpedo, Rijeka, 2012, Proceedings Book, ISSN 1848-4794

5.”Citizens Influence o n Public Open Space Changes in the Example of Makarska Town”, the 7th International Interdisciplinary Symposium Maintenance of Open Spaces Nature and Cultural of Living, Makarska 2009, ISBN 987-953-99336-3-8


Selected scientific projects:

1. MZOS – Head of Scientific Project 0543089-3088: “Criterions for Valorizations of Space and Landscapes of Croatia” (2006-2010)


Activity and work of common professional meaning:

Olga Maruševski and Sonja Jurković  “Maksimir – The Famed Croatian Landscaped Garden –    A Study of the Park’s Composition”,Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 1993, ISBN 930513039,

“Park as Realized Dream – the Theory of Garden Art”, Editor Jurčić d.o.o., Zagreb, ISBN 953-6462-89-3

Lecture: ”The Cultural and Urban Identity of Zagreb and problems in the transition Stage”,   On Conference: the Cultural Heritage of Central Europe, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, 2000.

Lecture: “Lessons Learned from Croatian Experience” at Donors Conference- Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Clean – Up Program, Ministry of Territorial Adjustment and Tourism, Tirana, Albania 2005

Žatika, a Multi-purpose Sports Hall, Poreč , Project and realization published in: Facta Architectonica 1 – Academic Volumes 2000-2011, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, ISBN 978-953-6229-83-3


Awards and honours:

Croatian Academy of Academy    Annual Award Richard Podhorsky for 2009



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