Grbac Ivica

 GrbacIvica Grbac, Ivica, Prof. PhD.
Born: 1955
Department of Bioprocess Engineering,
Member of the Academy (admitted 2004)
B.Sc. Forestry (1978), M.Sc. Forestry (1985), Ph.D. Forestry (1988) all from
the Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Av. Vukovar 78,
10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 1 6106 393, fax: +385 1 6109 884,

Member of the HATZ Committee for Ethics (2013 – 2017) (2017 – 2021)

Furniture and Medicine Design, Construction and Quality of Wood Products,
Interdisciplinary Research, Forestry, Wood Industry

Selected publications:

1. Domljan, Danijela; Grbac, Ivica; Hađina Julijana: Classroom Furniture Design – Correlation of Pupil and Chair Dimensions Collegium Antropologicum (0350-6134) 32 (2008), 1; 257-265

2. Vlaović, Zoran; Bogner, Andrija; Grbac, Ivica: Comfort Evaluation as the Example of Anthropotechnical Furniture Design. Collegium Antropologicum (0350-6134) 32 (2008), 1; 277-283

3. Domljan, D.; Vlaović, Z.; Grbac, I.: Pupils’ working postures in primary school classrooms. Periodicum biologorum (0031-5362) 112 (2010), 1; 3

4. Župčić, I.; Bogner, A.; Grbac, I.: Vrijeme trajanja zavarivanja kao važan čimbenik zavarivanja bukovine. (Welding Time as an Important Factor of Beech Welding). Drvna industrija (0012-6772) 62 (2011), 2; 115-121

5. Vlaović, Z; Domljan, D; Grbac, I: Research of Temperature and Moisture during Sitting on Office Chairs. Drvna industrija : znanstveno-stručni časopis za pitanja drvne tehnologije (0012-6672) 63 (2012), 2; 105-112

6. Vlaović, Zoran; Domljan, Danijela; Župčić, Ivica; Grbac, Ivica: Thermal Comfort While Sitting on Office Chairs – Subjective Evaluations. Drvna Industrija (0012-6772) 63 (2012), 4; 263-270

7. author of the university textbook Upholstered Furniture, 2005

8. author of the university textbook  Bed and Lying, 2006


Selected scientific projects:

1.  “Furniture for safe, healthy and comfortable sitting and laying“ (Namještaj za sigurno, zdravo i udobno sjedenje i ležanje), leader of the scientific-research project; 2002-2007

2.   Development of wood products in order to preserve health (Razvoj proizvoda od drva s ciljem očuvanja zdravlja)  (068-0680720-0708), leader of the scientific-research project; 2007-2013.

3.  ”Research into characteristics of the materials, products and production of upholstered furniture“ (Istraživanje svojstava materijala, proizvoda i proizvodnih       procesa ojastučenog namještaja) , leader of the scientific-research project ;

4.  “Optimization and evaluation of wood drying process and quality control“ (Optimizacija i ocjena postupaka sušenja drva i kontrola kvalitete), leader of the       international project ;


Activity and work of common professional meaning:

Dean of the Faculty of Forestry

Vice-dean of the Wood Technology Department

Head of the department of the furniture and wood products at Wood Technology Section at Faculty of Forestry

Dean of the Faculty of Forestry and assistant to the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.

Head of the Institute for Furniture and Wood Products (former Institute for Constructions and Wood Technology) at the Faculty of Forestry

Chairman of the  Technical Committee for Furniture of the Republic of Croatia

Chairman of Ambienta organizational committee

Head of the „Laboratory for testing furniture and furniture parts“ (Laboratorij za ispitivanje namještaja i dijelova za namještaj)

Vice-president of the Croatian Forestry Society

Executive member of Innovawood

Member of ISPA (International Sleep Products Association), an international association for sleep problems

Member of AGR, an international association for research into sitting and lying

Member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Member of BRD, German School for the Backbone

Member of EURIFI, representative of Croatia in the European association for furniture testing


Awards and honors:

1992. MOBIL OPTIMUM – a gold medal for the product exhibited at the AMBIENTA

2005. Recognition for the advancement and development of the wood sector and the structure of the Office for the timber industry under the MRRSVG

2005. Recognition for contribution to the development of living wood sector

2009. Special recognition as the president of the Organizing Committee of the International Fair of Furniture, Interior Decoration and Supporting Industry Fair for 15 years of work

2009. Special recognition for the many years of work in the Commission for the award MOBIL OPTIMUM

2007. the Medal of Croatian Hunting Association HLS first order – credit for the successes achieved to improve hunting.

2006. Academy Award winner – “Josip Juraj Strossmayer” for the best scientific work – textbook Bed and Health in the field of Engineering science published in the 2006th year.







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