Gaurina-Međimurec Nediljka

 Gaurina-MedimurecNediljka Gaurina-Međimurec, Nediljka, Prof. PhD.
Born: 1957
Department of Mining and Metallurgy,
Member of the Academy (admitted 2002)
B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering (1980), Faculty of Mining, Geology and
Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb, M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering
(1986) from Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade, Ph.D
Petroleum Engineering (1993), Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum
Engineering, University of Zagreb
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum
Engineering, Pierottijeva 6, 10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 1 5535825, fax: +385 1 4836074,

Secretary-General of the Academy (2017 – 2021)

Member of the Scientific Council of the Academy (2013 – 2017)

Drilling Technology, Drilling Fluids, Well Cementing, Workover and
Completion Fluids, Environment Protection in Petroleum Engineering

Selected publications:

1. Gaurina-Međimurec, N., Pašić, B., Simon, K. (2010): CO2 Underground Storage and Wellbore Integrity, Transport & Logistics, 8 (2010), 11-17.

2. Gaurina-Međimurec, N., Pašić, B. (2009): Aphron-Based Drilling Fluids: Solution for Low Pressure Reservoirs, The Mining-Geological-Petroleum Engineering Bulettin, Vol. 21, 65-72.

3. Gaurina-Međimurec, N. (2005): Casing Drilling Technology, The Mining-Geological-Petroleum Engineering Bulettin, Vol.17, 19-26.

4. Durn, G., Gaurina-Međimurec, N., Froschl, H., Meandžija, I., Veronek, B., Mesić, S.      (2004): The Geochemical and Mineralogical Assessment of Lime      Stabilized Waste from the Petroleum Industry in Croatia,  Journal of Energy Resources Technology – Transaction of the ASME, 126, 112-118.

5 Gaurina-Međimurec,  N. (1994): Mechanical Factors of Wellbore Instability, Nafta, Vol. 45 (3),  Zagreb,  161-170.

6. Gaurina-Medjimurec, N. & Pasic, B. (2013): Risk Analysis for Prevention of Hazardous Situations in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Chapter 2 – Risk Due Wellbore Instability, Chapter 3 – Risk Due Pipe Sticking, Chapter 4 – Lost Circulation, and Chapter 15 – COUnderground Storage and Wellbore Integrity, IGI Global, Hershey, November 2013, 296 p., ISBN 13: 9781466647770; EISBN 13: 9781466647787


Selected scientific projects:

1. Rock/Drilling Fluids Interactions Studies:195390-1395, Principal Investigator, project funded by the Ministry of science, education and sports, (2007-2013)

2. Optimizing Drill-in Fluids Selection: 0195041, Principal Investigator, project funded by the Ministry of science, education and sports, (2002-2006)

3. Development and Application of New Drilling and Completion Technologies, 195390-1397, Collaborator, project funded by the Ministry of science, education and sports, (2007-2013)

4. Development and Application of New Drilling and Completion Technologies”,  195-1951390-1397, Collaborator, project funded by the Ministry of science,      education and sports (2000-2013)

5. The Expanded Use of Coiled Tubing in Drilling Operations, Collaborator, US-Croatian  Joint Project, JF 163, (1995-1998)


Activity and work of common professional meaning:

Reviewer in international scientific journals: International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology (IJOGCT), The Mining-Geological-Petroleum Engineering Bulletin, The Journal Tehnički vjesnik – Technical Gazette (TV-TG), Scientific Journal Nafta

Membership in the committee of international conferences:

ASME 2013 32nd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE2013), June 9-14, Nantes, France

International Conferences History of Mining in the Central Europe IRSE ’11 and IRSE ’09

Membership in science organizations and bodies:

Croatian Academy of Science and Art –  Scientific Council for Oil (2000-2004. secretary of council board)

Croatian Academy of Engineering – HATZ

Society of Petroleum Engineers – SPE

Croatian Gas Association (HSUP)

Croatian Association of  Petroleum Engineers and Geologist (HUNIG)






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