Franekić Jasna

 FranekicJasna Franekić, Jasna, Prof. PhD.
Born: 1945
Department of Bioprocess Engineering,
Emeritus of the Academy (admitted 1994)
B.Sc. Biology (1969) Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, M.D. (1982),
School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Ph.D. Biology (1987), Faculty of
Science, University of Zagreb
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology,
Pierottijeva 6, 10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 1 4836013, fax: +385 1 4836016,
Secretary of the HATZ Department of Bioprocess Engineering (2005 – 2009) (2009 – 2013)Member of the HATZ Committee for Awards (2013 – 2017)
Genetic Toxicology, Ecotoxicology, Genotoxicity Action of Environmental
Agents Antimutagenicity of Glucosinolates
Selected publications

1. Vrhovac, I., R. Hrašćan, J. Franekić (2010) Effect of 905 MHz microwave radiation on colony growth of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains FF18733, FF1481 and D7. Radiol Oncol 44 (2010) 131-134. IF 1,970

2. Bošnjak, I.; W. Heim, T. Smital, D. Epel, K. Coale, J. Franekić Čolić, A. Hamdoun (2009) Multidrug resistance associated protein transport activity mediates differences in accumulation and toxicity of inorganic and organic mercury in sea urchin embryos. Environmental science & technology. 43; 8374-         8380 IF 4,630

3. Franekić, J., N. Bratulić, M. Pavlica and D. Papeš (1994) Genotoxicity of dithiocarbamates and their         metabolites, Mutation. Res., 325, 65-74 IF 1,975

4. Bašić-Zaninović, T., D. Papeš and J. Franekić (1991) Cycloheximide genotoxycity in in vitro and in  vivo   test systems, Mutation Res., 263, 203-210. IF=1,895

5. Franekić J., S. Skupnjak and Z. Matijašević (1989) Genotoxicity  of nitrosated ranitidine, Mutation Res.,   227, 13-16. IF=1,895


Selected scientific  projects

1. “Influence of mutagens and antimutagens on molecular procesess in cell” (MZT 058-     0582261-2246),Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, 2006 – 2013 (Project     leader)

2. “Phytochemicals as mutagenesis and cancerogenesis process modulators”, Croatian Ministry of    Science, Education and Sports, 2002. -2006. (Project leader)

3. “Investigation of mutagens and antimutagens frome nvironment”, Croatian Ministry of   Science, Education and Sports, 1996. -2002. (Project leader)

4. “Repair and mutagenesis in prokaryots and eukaryots” 1-08-101 Croatian Ministry of      Science, Education and Sports, 1991. – 1994. (Project leader)

5. “Fate of pesticides in soil and the environment, COST-66”, Croatian Ministry of Science,    Education and Sports, 1992 – 1994 (Project leader)


Activity and work of common professional meaning:

1. European Environmental Mutagen Society (EEMS), member of International Programme Committe, 1997-2000; Croatian councellar 1993-2000; 2005-2010; 2013-now

2. International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Croatian councellar 2005-2007

3. Croatian Academy of Engineering, Secretary of the Department of Bioprocess Engineering, 2005-2013

4. European Environmental Mutagen Society, President of the Organizing Committe and member of    Scientific Programme committee EEMS, 38th Annual Meeting, Cavtat 21-25.2008.

5. The Society of University Teachers, Scholars and other Scientists-Zagreb, President of award commision    2006-2013, vice-president 2013-now


Awards and honours

1. Croatian Academy of Engineering Life Achievement “The Power of Knowledge”, 2011,

2. Croatian Academy of Engineering Annual award “Rikard Podhorsky”, 2005

3. Croatian Society of Natural Sciences Medal “Zdravko Lorković”, 2000







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