Dalbelo Bašić Bojana

Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana, Prof. PhD.
Born: 1958
Department of Information Systems
Associate of the Academy (admitted 2012)
Selected publications:

1. Šilić, Artur; Morin, Annie; Chauchat, Jean-Hugues; Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana. Visualization of temporal text collections based on Correspondence Analysis. // Expert systems with applications. 39 (2012), 15; 12143-12157.

2. Štajduhar, Ivan; Dalbelo-Bašić, Bojana. Uncensoring censored data for machine learning: A likelihood-based approach. // Expert systems with applications. 39 (2012) , 8; 7226-7234.

3. Petrović, Saša; Šnajder, Jan; Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana. Extending Lexical Association Measures for Collocation Extraction. // Computer Speech and Language. 24 (2010) , 2; 383-394.

4. Štajduhar, Ivan; Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana; Bogunović, Nikola. Impact of censoring on learning Bayesian networks in survival modelling. // Artificial intelligence in medicine. 47 (2009) , 3; 199-217.

5. Šnajder, Jan; Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana; Tadić, Marko. Automatic Acquisition of Inflectional Lexica for Morphological Normalisation. // Information Processing & Management. 44 (2008) , 5; 1720-1731.

5. Tadić, Marko; Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana; Moens, Marie-Francine. Technologies for the Processing and Retrieval of Semi-Structured Documents – Experience from the CADIAL project. Zagreb : Croatian Language Technologies Society, 2009.

6. Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana; Šnajder, Jan. Artificial Intelligence: Reasoning with propositional and predicate logic, University of Zagreb : FER, 2008


Selected scientific projects:

1. Bilateral Croatian-Flemish research project CADIAL – Computer Aided Document Indexing for Accessing Legislation (2007 – 2009). Partners: KU Leuven, HIDRA, FFZG; http://www.cadial.org

2. Bilateral Croatian-French research project “Knowledge extraction and visualisation of textual data” (2007 – 2008). Partners: INRIA France, University of Rennes, University Lyon2.

3. Technological project „Intelligent text analyzer“, funded by the Croatian Institute for Technology (2011 – 2012).

4. Research project „Knowledge discovery in textual data“ 036-1300646-1986 (2007 – 2013) – funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport.

5. Information Technology Implementation Project “Modelling and simulating intelligent agent systems”  (2001 – 2002) – funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport.


Activity and work of common professional meaning:

Selected Invited Lectures

Dalbelo Bašić,  Bojana, Šilić Artur. From Text to Historical Knowledge by Correspondence Analysis, 2013, invited lecture at INRIA & University of Rennes, France, November 2013.

Šilić, Artur; Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana; Morin, Annie; Chauchat, Jean-Hugues. A System for Temporally-Sliced Correspondence Analysis Visualization, invited lecture at 59th World Statistics Congress, Hong Kong, 2013.

Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana. Collocation Extraction Using Genetic Programming, invited lecture at Computer Science Dept., KU Leuven, May 2008.

Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana. Artificial Neural Networks and Advanced Supervised Learning Techniques // invited lecture at Conference ‘Kinesiology – New Perspectives’, Opatija, 2002.

Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana; Computer Aided Document Indexing System (CADIS) with Eurovoc, invited talk at European Parliament, Bruxelles, 2006.

International Program Committee member

Member of International Program Committee of the Conferences BIOSTAT 2014, ITI (from 2008 to 2013), KES (from 2008 to 2010).

Competition participation

2012 FER – TakeLab team (Šarić, Frane; Glavaš, Goran; Karan, Mladen; Šnajder, Jan; Dalbelo Bašić, Bojana) ranked 2nd in the competition of over 30 universities worldwide on the task Measuring Semantic Text Similarity.

Cofounder and Founder:

2004 Cofounder of the Croatian Language Technologies Society

2007 Founder of the Text Analysis and Knowledge Engineering Lab – TakeLab (takelab.fer.hr)


Awards and honours:

2007 Golden Tesla’s Egg (VIDI e-novation Award) for the eCADIS system

2009 Golden Tesla’s Egg (VIDI e-novation Award) for the CADIAL project (www.cadial.org)

2009 Prime Minister Web-award for the CADIAL Search Engine (cadial.hidra.hr).






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