Črnko Josip

 CrnkoJosip Črnko, Josip, Prof. PhD.
Born: 1943
Department of Mining and Metallurgy,
Emeritus of the Academy (admitted 2002)
B.Sc. Metallurgical Engineering (1967), M.Sc. Metallurgical Engineering (1973), Ph.D. Metallurgical Engineering (1978) all from the Faculty of Metallurgy, University of Zagreb
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Metallurgy, Aleja narodnih heroja, 44103 Sisak
tel: +385 44 533378, fax: +385 44 533378,
e-mail: crnko@simet.hrSecretary of the HATZ Department of Mining and Metallurgy (2009 – 2013)

Deputy-Secretary of the HATZ Department of Mining and Metallurgy (2013 – 2017)

Separation of Metals from Secondary Row Materials, Thermotechnology, Industrial Furnaces, Mathematical Models of Cooling of Steel Semiproducts, Possibilities of Structural Improvements in Heating Furnaces

Selected publications:

1. Črnko J., Composition and Properties of TiO2 Powder Got Hydrometallurgically, Metalurgija, 41 (2002), 2; 67-70.

2. Gojić, M., Črnko, J., Kundak, M., Kosec, L.: Analysis of the Scale Formed on Steel

Blooms During Heating, Kovové materiály, 41 (2003), 3; 158-166.

3. Lazić, L., Črnko, J.: Finite-Element Analysis of a New Cooler Desing, Materiali in

tehnologije, 38 (2004), 3-4; 143-147.

4. Črnko, J., Jelić, P., Lazić, L., Kundak, M.: Operation Indicators of the Rotating-Hearth

Furnace in Restrictive Manufacturing Conditions, Metalurgija, 46 (2007), 4; 291-293.

5. Jelić, P., Lazić, L., Črnko, J.: The Efect of Cooling Rate on the Properties of Alloyed Cast Iron Sizing Roll, Metallurgija, 49 (2010), 1; 45-48.


Activity and work of common professional meaning:

Reviewer of Journal Metallurgy (Q 4)

Dean of the Faculty of Mettallurgy, the University of  Zagreb (2001-2005)

ICSOBA Council Member (2009-2011)

Participant of :

4th International Foundrymen Conference: Recent Development in the Casting Productions (Sisak, 2002)

14th International Symposium of ICSOBA: Festive Session on the occasion of «Forty Years of ICSOBA» (Zagreb, 2003)

5th International Foundrymen Conference: Innovative Foundry Materials and Technologies (Opatija, 2004)

6th Internationl Foundrymen Conference: Innovative Foundry Materials and Technologies (Opatija, 2005)

Awards and honours:

Charter and Bronze medal, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia (2002)






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