Biondić Božidar

 BiondicBozidar Biondić, Božidar, Prof. Emer. PhD
Born: 1940
Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy
Emeritus of the Academy (admitted 1994)
B.Sc. Mining Engineering (1964), Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb, M.Sc. Geology (1974), Ph.D. Geology (1982), Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering, Varaždin, Hallerova aleja 7, 42000 Varaždin
tel: +385 42 212228, fax: +385 42 313587,
Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Karst Water Protection, New Potable Water Resources, Water Management, Engineering Geological Research for Infrastructural Objects

Deputy-Member of the HATZ Scientific Council (2017 – 2021)

Selected publications:

1. Biondić, B., Biondić, R., Meaški, H. (2010): The   conceptual hydrogeological model of the Plitvice Lakes.− In: Bonacci, O.   & Juračić, M. (eds.): Geologia Croatica. 63, 2; pp 195-206, Croatian   Geological Survey and Croatian Geological Society, Zagreb. (Geo Abstracts,   GeoRef, GeoArchive, Geotitles, Geobase, Scopus, MINABS Online, BIOSIS,   Zoological Abstracts, PASCAL, Petroleum Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts,   Current Geographical Abstracts, EBSCO Academic Search Complete, and Science   Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science)).

2. Biondić, B., Biondić, R. & Dukarić, F. (1998):   Protection of Karst Aquifers in the Dinarides in Croatia.− Environmental   Geology, Vol. 34, Number 4, June 1998, pp 309-319, Springer-Verlag,   Heidelberg. (Current Contents, Applied Science & Technology Abstracts).

3. Biondić, B., Božičević, J., Andročec, V. &   Biondić, R. (2008): Water – Croatian export product.- Annual of the Croatian   Academy of Engineering, 1332-3482, 1 (2008), 195-219, Zagreb.

4. Biondić, R., Biondić, B., Rubinić, J. & Meaški,   H. (2010): Quality and quantity status and risk assessment of groundwater   bodies in karst areas of Croatia.- In: Zuber, A., Kania, J. & Kmiecik, E.   (eds.) Groundwater Quality Sustainability. XXXVIII IAH Congress.   12-17.09.2010., 801-807, Krakow, Poland.

5. Biondić, B. & Biondić, R. (2003): State of   seawater intrusion of the Croatian coast.− Publication of the Institute of   Geology and Mining of Spain. Serie: Hydrogeology of groundwater No. 8, Vol   II, 225-238, Madrid, Spain, (ISBN 84-7840-471-6). TIAC 03, Technology of sea   water intrusion in coastal aquifers, Alicante, Spain, 11.-14.03.2003.

6. University textbook “Hydrogeology of Dinaric   Karst in Croatia” – reviewed, in print.


Selected scientific projects: 

1. EU COST project “Hydrogeological Aspects of   Groundwater Protection in Karstic Areas” (1989-1995) – participation of   16 European countries

2. EU COST project “Management of Coastal Karst   Aquifers” (1999-2005) – participation of 7 European countries

3. Technological project of Ministry of Sciences,   Educations and Sport “Potable water – export product” – co financed   by Hrvatske vode and Hrvatska Elektroprivreda

4. Scientific project of Ministry of Sciences,   Educations and Sport ” Basic hydrogeological map of Republic of Croatia   S 1:100.000″

5. Waterpool project Graz “Mountainous lakes –   Sustainability of the Water Resources in the National Park Plitvice   Lakes” – co financed by Government of the R. Austria, National Park   Plitvice Lakes and Ministry of Sciences, Educations and Sport







Activity and work of common professional meaning: 

General director of Croatian Geological Survey   (1996-2000)

Organization of new joint international doctoral   study ” Geoengineering and Water Management” – participation of   Universities in Graz, Budapest, Maribor and Zagreb

National coordinator for EU COST projects   (1998-2011)

Professional member of “American Institute of   Hydrology” (1998-2011)


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