Aničić Dražen

 AnicicDrazen Aničić, Dražen, Prof. PhD. (retired)
Born: 1940
Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy
Emeritus of the Academy (admitted 1993)
B.Sc. Civil Engineering (1963), M.Sc. Civil Engineering (1969), Ph.D. Civil Engineering (1979) all from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb
University of Zagreb Civil Engineering, Vladimira Ruždjaka 9c, 10000

Member of the HATZ Committee for Awards (2017 – 2021)

Secretary of the Department of Civil Engineering and Mining Engineering of the Academy (1993 – 1997)
Vice-President of the Academy (1993 – 1997)
Secretary-General of the Academy (1997 – 2001)
Civil Engineering, Concrete and Masonry Structures, Earthquake Engineering, Experimental Methods, Earthquake Strengthening of Masonry Structures, Reconstruction of Historical Buildings, War Damage Assessment

Selected publications:

1. Anicic, D., Repair and Retrofit of Building Structures, State-of-the-art report, Proceedings, 10th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Aug.28-Sep.2, 1994, Vienna, Duma (ed.), Balkema, Rotterdam, 1995, Vol. 3, 2199-2208.

2. Aničić, D., Durabiity of Masonry Structures, Građevinar, 49(1997) 4, 183-186 (in Croatian)

Aničić, D., Andrija Mohorovicic – Pioneer of Earthquake Engineering in Croatia, Proceedings of the Eleventh European Conferenece on Earthquake Engineering, Paris, 6-11 Sep. 1998, Abstract Volume + CD, Balkema, Rotterdam, 1998.

3. Aničić, D., Croatian and European Approach to Earthquake Resistance of Cultural Heritage, Građevinar 52 (2000), 1, 1-7 (in Croatian)

4. Aničić, D., Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in Earthquake Regions, Građevinar, 62(2010), 11, 981-989 (in Croatian)

5. Aničić, D., Testing of Structures, University Textbook, University of Osijek, Osijek, 2002. (in Croatian)

6. Aničić, D., Service Life Planning of Civil Works (translation of ISO 15686 standards with author’s introduction and comments), Građevinski godišnjak ’03/’04, HSGI, Zagreb, 2004, 189-342. (in Croatian)

7. Aničić, D. et al. Masonry Structures – Manual for Investors, Designers, Supervising Engineers and Contractors, Wienerberger Ilovac, Karlovac, 2010, 1-185. (in Croatian)

8. Aničić, D., Construction with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in Earthquake Regions, Chapter 9 in Homann, M.: Properly Construction with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, Xella porobeton, Zagreb, 2012. (in Croatian)


Selected scientific projects:

1. Earthquakes and Dynamic Properties of Highway Bridges, Yugoslav-American Joint Fund, Ministry of Transportation, USA, principal investigator (1989-1992)

2. Innovative Methods of Testing in Masonry Industry, HITRA Projects, Ministry of Science and Technology (Croatia), principal investigator (2002-2003)

3. Life-long Learning of Civil Engineers and Prepardness to Join the European Economic Area, EU Program CARDS 2001, project head (2003-2004)

Activity and work of common professional meaning:

Secretary-General of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering (1986-1994)

Executive Board member (1986-2012)

Honorary member (1994-2012)


Awards and honours: 

State decoration – Medal Vukovar for outstanding contribution in rebuilding Croatia (1996)

Plaque of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering presented in recongnition of contributions and devoted efforts to European Earthquake Engineering (2002)

Jubilee Charter presented to the founding member, Croatain Academy of Engineering (2003)

Life Award, Croatian Academy of Engineering (2011)




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