Anayath Rajendrakumar


Prof. Rajendrakumar Anayath, PhD.
Professor, Vice Chancellor, Researcher, Academician, Consultant[
Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology
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Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology,


Članstvo u Akademiji: Međunarodni član
Godina primanja u HATZ: 2013.
Član odjela: Odjel grafičkog inženjerstva



  • Proponent of “New Industrial Convergence Theory” with Prof. Christopher Barnet ( Nottingham University,UK)in the year 2008 which has thousands of references internationally.
  • Based on the contributions to the academics and industry research and training American print Industry has conferred their prestigious “Global Academic Excellence Award” in 2011 in Chicago,USA, which popularly known as “Oscar in Printing” (first non-American who won this prestigious award)
  • Apex body of Indian printing industry(AIFMP-All India Federation of Master Printers) conferred “Samman Award” in 2013 during diamond jubilee celebrations.

Contributions of Prof.Dr.Rajendrakumar Anayath Specific to colour science, standardisation and education:

  • Established one of the best colour research laboratories in India (in consultation with “X-Rite, Pantone, AGS and Kodak”) at Manipal University.
  • Initiated interdisciplinary research in colour science with Dental and Medical College.
  • Introduced advanced colour science and redefined the complete curriculum in the print education in India
  • Conducted more than 50 colour standardisation programmes to Indian graphic arts industry
  • Associated/Worked well with both FOGRA and UGRA on bringing colour standards to India.(Reference: Dr.Eduard Neufeld & Erwin Widmer)
  • Organised number of programmes in SAARC countries and Middle East on standardisation and colour management.
  • Published specific findings and articles in standardisation especially by implementing PAN 4C technique and a colour profile based on PAN 4C printing inks that enabled us to produce highly smooth gradients (first time in India) with Dieter Kirchner later adopted by Heidelberg Druck Machine.
  • Guiding a PhD student in the “Hybrid Colour Model Development” for graphic arts industry.
  • Developed a 38 hrs course programme in “Necessity of understanding human limitations in perception to become a perfect graphic artist” for the industry and academia.
  • Based on this contribution to Indian graphic arts industry “AIFMP(All India Federation of Master Printers) felicitated him with “SAMMAN AWARD” during the 60 years of its existence (Diamond Jubilee) in 2013
  • Voting Member of SDC (Society of Dyers & Colourists), UK and Silver Medal Winner in 2015.




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