Jirouš-Rajković Vlatka

Jirouš-Rajković, Vlatka, Prof. PhD.
Born: 1963
Department of Bioprocess Engineering
Associate of the Academy (admitted 2015)
B.Sc. (1986), MSc (1991), PhD (1998) all from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Forestry
Phone: +385 1 235 2482, Fax: +385 1 235 2531, e-mail: vjirous@sumfak.hr

Deputy-Member of the HATZ Scientific Council (2017 – 2021)

b) Research fields, key words

Wood finishing, wood surface modification, wood sanding, durability of wood coatings

Selected publications:
Jirouš-Rajković, V., Turkulin, H., Miller, E.-R.,2004: Depth profile of UV-induced wood Surface Coatings International, Part B: Coatings transactions, Vol 87, Issue B4, December 2004:235-308.

Jirouš-Rajkovic, V., Bogner, A., Despot, R., 2004: The efficiency of various treatments in protecting wood surfaces against weathering. Surface Coatings International. Part B: Coatings transactions, Vol 87, Issue B1, February 2004:15-19.

Jirouš-Rajković, V., Hus, M., Ristić, M., 2005: Protective effect of chromium trioxide and ferric nitrate against weathering of fir wood. Wood research 50(2):19-27.

Miklečić, J., Jirouš-Rajković, V., Antonović, A., Španić, N., 2011: Discolouration of thermally modified wood during simulated indoor sunlight exposure. Bioresources 6(1):434-446.

Mikilečić, J., Kaša, A., Jirouš-Rajković, V., 2012: Colour changes of modified oak wood in indoor environment. European journal of wood and wood products 70(1-3):385-387.

d) Leadership of scientific projects:

Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports Projects: Finishing and modification of wood surface ( project code 068-0682109-2096), senior researcher (2007-2014).

IPA IV Project (IPA Development of higher education qualifications standards and study programmes on the basis of CROQF for wood industry sector, Member of Project Team- Team Leader for Development QS of master in wood technology, grant amount 295.914,79 EURO.

e) Achievements in scientific and professional fields or particular functions:

Co-author of a university textbook Fundamentals of wood finishing and university manual Quality and Technical Descriptions of Wood Products – Furnishing Educational Facilities.

Reviewer of manuscripts submitted to scientific journals BioResources  and European journal of wood and wood products (Q1 and Q2 in Materials Science, Paper and Wood).

Member of Regional Scientific Council for Bio-technical Science from 2009-2013 and member of Editorial Board of scientific journal Drvna industrija.



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