Parac-Osterman Đurđica

 Parac-OstermanDurdica Parac-Osterman, Ðurđica, Prof. Emer. PhD. (retired)
Born: 1946
Department of Textile Technology,
Emeritus of the Academy (admitted 2005)
B.Sc. Textile Technology (1970), M.Sc. Textile Technology (1977), Ph.D. Textile Technology (1985), all from the Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, Baruna Filipovića 30, 10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 1 4877359, fax: +385 1 4877355,
e-mail: djparac@ttf.hrDeputy-Member of the HATZ Scientific Council (2017 – 2021)Secretary of the HATZ Department of Textile Technology (2014 – 2017)

Color Measurement and Color Management, Textile Dyeing and Printing, Rheological Characteristics to the System Thickener / Paint, Color Phenomena in Practical Use and Multimedia, Environmentallyfriendly Dyeing Processes, Physical-chemical and Dyeing Properties of Natural and Man-made Fibers

Selected publications:

1. Z.Grabarić,      N.Koprivanec, Đ.Parac-Osterman: “Characterization of   Mn(II) complexes with      2-(2-pyridylmethyleneamino) phenol and their   propriteis”, J.Soc.Dyers and      Colourists, 109 (1993), 199-201

2. Đ. Parac-Osterman, A.Horvat, M.Pervan(2001); Dyeing Wool with Natural Dyes in the Light of Ethnological Hertage of Lika. Tekstil, 50,  339-344

3. Parac-Osterman,      Đurđica; Sutlović, Ana; Đurašević, Vedran; Tjaša Griessler   Bulc. (2007);Use of Wetland for      Dye-house Waste Waters Purifying Purposes. //  Asian Journal of Water, Environment and      Pollution. 4, 101- 106

4. Parac-Osterman,      Đurđica; Đurašević, Vedran; Sutlović, Ana. (2007); Comparison  of Chemical and Physical-chemical      Discoloring Methods. // Kemija u industriji.  56,      543-549

5. Gorenšek,      M.; Urbas, R.; Strnad S.; Parac-Osterman Đ.,(2008);The Evaluation of  a Natural Pigment in Cotton as a UV      Absorber, American Association of Textile       Chemists & Colorists. 7, 50-55

6. Glogar, M. I.; Parac – Osterman, Đ.; Grundler,      D.; Rolich, T.: Research of       Influences of Surface Structure of Coloured Textiles: Applying      Fuzzy Logic, Coloration Technology, 127 (2011) 6, 396 – 403

7. Hunjet, A. Parac-Osterman: Statistic Analyses of the      Color  Experience According to the      Age of the Observer: Coll.Antropol.Vol.37, (2013).

8. Đ. Parac- Osterman,      B. Karaman: Osnove teorije bojenja tekstila (The basic theory of textile dyeing),  Zagreb 2013

9. Đ. Parac-Osterman,  Osnove o boji i sustav vrednovanja (The basics of color and      systems evaluation) second edition, Zagreb 2013.

Selected scientific publications:

1. Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MZOS) Projects: Principal investigator of projects (Manager):”Application of Fuzzy Logic in Dyeing Processes and Colour Management” (0117004); 2007-2014

2. Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MZOS) Projects: “Colour and Dyestuff in Processes of Ecologically acceptable of sustainable development “(1171419-1401); 2003-2007

3. EUREKA E!2983 TEXTILWET; 2004-2007

4. Bilateral Slovenia/Croatia “UV protected of Textile”; 2005-2007

Activity and work of common professional meaning:

Contribute in field of Dye Chemistry, Printing/Dyeing Technologies, Color  measurement, Waste Wate

Reviewer-editor and author of many articles in field of textile technology and color science

Reviewer of several university textbooks, professional and scientific books and of numerous scientific and professional articles published in a several journals and a several book of proceedings.

Faculty of Textile Technology, head of Department for Textile Chemistry and Ecology (2006-2011).

Head: The administrative council of Karlovac University of Applied Sciences (2011- ).

Membership in Associations: Matrix Croatica, Slovenian Colorists      association, Croatian Society of Textile engineers, Croatian Society of Chemistry; The Society of      Dyers and Colorists- Bradford UK.






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