Milković Marin

Milković, Marin, Prof. Ph. D

Born: 1975
Department of Graphical Engineering
Member of the Academy (admitted 2014)
B. Sc. (1998), M. Sc. (2003), Ph. D (2006) all from the Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb
e – mail:

Member of the HATZ Committee for Economic and Regional Co-operation (2017 – 2021)

Multimedia systems, colorimetry, graphic technology, psychophysics 

Selected publications:

1. Milković, Marin; Mrvac, Nikola; Zjakić, Igor: Comparative Analysis of the Intensity of the Induction and Assimilation Effects of the Equivalent Geometric Structures of Graphic Reproductions. // TTEM – Technics Technologies Education Management. Volume 7, Number 2, 2012; Str. 49-56. (SCIExpanded)

2. Milković, Marin; Mrvac, Nikola; Matijević, Mile; Evaluation of the effect of retinal localized chromatic adaptation intensity on desaturated achromatic reproductions derived by standard rendering methods. // Color Research & Application.,  DOI: 10.1002/ col.21727 (Current Contetnts).

3. Milković, Marin; Matijević Mile; Mrvac Nikola; Intensity evaluation of the Spreading and Simultaneous contrast Effects based on Dotted White’s. // Technical gazette.  Vol. 19, No. 3; 2012., (SCIExpanded).

4. Milković, Marin; Mrvac, Nikola; Matijević, Mile; Evaluation of the chromatic assimilation effect intensity in Munker-White samples made by standard methods of rendering. // Technical gazette. Vol. 17, No.2; 2010., Str. 163-172 (SCIExpanded).

5. Petric-Maretić, Katja; Milković, Marin; Modrić, Damir., Akaikeov kriterij informacije u analizi ruba rasterskog elementa. (Akaike information criterion in the edge analysis of the screen element) // Technical Gazette. Vol. 20 (2013) , No. 3; Str. 441-447 (SCIExpanded)


Activity and work of common professional meaning:

Editor of the “Technical gazette“ journal.

Dean of the Polytechnic of Varaždin (2008 – 2014).

Rector of the University North (2014)




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