Matijašević Ljubica

Matijašević, Ljubica, Prof. PhD. (retired)
Born: 1950
Department of Chemical Engineering
Member of the Academy (admitted 2012)
Chemical Engineering, Analysis, Synthesis and Process Control,      Mass and Heat Integration of Processes, Environmental Protection, Cleaner Production
Selected publications:

1. Lj.Matijašević, H.Otmačić, Energy recovery by Pinch technology,      Applied Thermal  Engineering 22 (2002) 477-484

2. Lj. Matijašević, I. Dejanović, H.Lisac, Treatment of wastewater generated by urea production, Resour. Conserv.Recy. 54 (2010) 3,149-154

3. I. Dejanović, Lj. Matijašević, Ž.Olujić, Dividing wall column–A breakthrough towards sustainable distilling, Chemical Engineering Processing, 49 (6) (2010) 559-580

4. Lj.Matijašević, I.Dejanović, D. Spoja, A water network optimization using MATlab – A case study, Resour.Conserv.Recy.54 (2010)12, 1362-1367

5. I. Dejanović, Lj. Matijašević, I. Halvorsen, S. Skogestad, H. Jansen, B. Kaibel and Ž. Olujić, Designing four-product dividing wall columns for separation of a multicomponent aromatics mixture, Chem. Eng. Res. & Design., 89 (8) (2011) 1155-1167


Selected scientific projects:

1. New reactor lines and waste gas treatment system in NPK fertilizer industry, TP-  01/0125-12 (Technological project), 2001 – 2003, Ministry of Science Republic of Croatia

2. Material and energy integration of chemical processes, IMETEP (bilateral project),

2006 – 2007, Ministry of Science Republic of Croatia


Activity and work of common professional meaning:

Reviewer of journals: Applied Thermal Engineering (Q1,      Q2), Chemical Engineering

Research & Design (Q2), Chemical and Biochemical Quarterly (Q3,Q4)

Reviewer of Research proposal (518411 and 518312) for Research Grant Council

(RGC) of Hong Kong, 2011,2012

Vicepresident of Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers, 2007 – 2009

National consultant in Croatian Cleaner Production Centre (Cro CPC). Cro CPC is

member of The Global Network for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production

(RECP net) founded by UNIDO






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