Muštra Mario

 Mario Muštra_slika Asst. prof. Muštra, Mario, PhD, research fellow, University of Zagreb Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences.
Born: 1984
Elected as Fellow of HATZ in 2017 in the Department of Communication Systems.
Obtained MSc degree in 2007, obtained PhD degree in 2013 both from University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.
Working at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Chair of Fundamental Courses, Address: Vukelićeva 4, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, telephone: +385 1 2380 219, email:
Research fields key words:

Image processing, navigation systems, mobile communications, antennas and microwaves, data mining.

The most important papers by personal choice (scientific, scientific and professional or professional), which have been published in the period 1993-2017 with full references cited (up to five). Please use the existing referencing system(s) effective in your country:

• Muštra, Mario; Grgić, Mislav; Rangayyan, Rangaraj M., Review of recent advances in segmentation of the breast boundary and the pectoral muscle in mammograms. // Medical & biological engineering & computing. 1 (2015); 1003-1024.

• Muštra, Mario; Grgić, Mislav, Robust automatic breast and pectoral muscle segmentation from scanned mammograms. // Signal processing. 93 (2012), 10; 2817-2827.

• Muštra, Mario; Grgić, Mislav; Delač, Krešimir, Breast Density Classification Using Multiple Feature Selection. // Automatika. 53 (2012) , 4; 362-372.

• Muštra, Mario; Fosin, Juraj; Carić, Tonči, Comparison of Calculated and Measured Travel Times with PND Prediction // Proceedings of ELMAR-2016 / Muštra, Mario ; Tralić, Dijana ; Zovko-Cihlar, Branka (ur.), Zagreb: LotusGRAF, 2016. 107-110.

Leadership of scientific and technological projects (up to five). Please cite your national scientific institutional grants as well as the EU and international scientific grants and other most important grants by other institutions/companies: title of the project, duration time (e.g. 2003-2008):

• “Development of algorithms for automatic detection and classification of microcalcifications in digital and analog mammograms” submitted in program Scholarships for PhD Students (O-3795–2010), Croatian National Trust for Science, Higher Education and Technology Development of the Republic of Croatia

Special achievements in your scientific and professional fields or particular functions not mentioned previously (e.g. book or university textbook authorship, registered patent, journal peer-reviewing (please cite the journal according to Q-Index), dean service, EU and international projects peer-reviewing, state office/civil service, membership in other academies, membership in governing bodies of the international scientific and professional organizations, invited lectures delivered at distinguished universities etc.) (up to five achievements):

Journal Reviewer:
• Automatika, Q4
• Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Q2
• Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, Q4
• Promet-Traffic & Transportation, Q3
• Signal Processing, Q1

Project Reviewer:
• GA ČR, Czech Science Foundation – project proposal No. 17-26459S submitted by doc. Ing. Vlastimil Havran, Ph.D. and entitled Efficient Algorithms for Computing Free-form Surfaces in Optics, 2016.
• GA ČR, Czech Science Foundation – project P103/12/G124, 2011.

Member of organizing committees of international scientific conferences:
• ELMAR (2007. – 2017.)
• IWSSIP (2011. i 2014.)

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