Kasum Josip

  Name and surname:
Josip Kasum
Scientific and/or academic title (please indicate if retired):
Professor Ph. D.
Year of birth:
HATZ Department affiliation (except for Honorary Members):
Department of Transport
HATZ membership status (please cite the year of your first election to the HATZ membership):
Associate of the Academy (admitted 2015)
Years and institutions of obtaining:
B.Sc. in Maritime Traffic Engineering (1989), University of Rijeka, Faculty for maritime and traffic
M.Sc., in Technical science, field of technology of traffic and transport, obtained at November  27th (1997), diploma at May  20th (1998), University of Rijeka, Maritime faculty
Ph.D. in Technical science, field of technology of traffic and transport, maritime and river traffic,  (2002), University of Rijeka, Maritime faculty
Affiliation (working position) including postal address:
University Department of Forensic Science, R. Boškovića 33, 21000 Split, Croatia
00 385 91 215 7064
00 385 21 471 001
E-mail address:
b. Research field(s) key words (up to five):

  1. Hydrography,
  2. Reambulation,
  3. Maritime safety,
  4. Maritime forensic,
  5. Electronic navigation.


c. The most important papers by personal choice (scientific, scientific and professional or professional), which have been published in the period 2013-2019 with full references cited (up to five). Please use the existing referencing system(s) effective in your country.

  1. Kasum, J., Pilić, M., Jovanović, N., Pienaar, H., (2019.): Model of Forensic Hydrography, Transactions on maritime science 8 (02), 246-252, ISSN 1848-3313 (online), 1848-3305 print
  2. Prodan, T., Kasum, J., Stošić, M., Ugrin, Ć., (2019.): Security Challenges and Guideline Proposals for the Development of Underwater Security, National security and the future 20 (1-2), 71-84, ISSN 1332-4454
  3. Kasum, J., Žanić Mikuličić, J., Kolić, V., (2018.): Safety Issues, Security and Risk Management in Nautical Tourism, Transactions on maritime science 7 (02), 184-188, ISSN 1848-3313 (online), 1848-3305 (print)
  4. Russo, A., Urlić, I., Kasum, J., (2015.): Human resources and their possible forensic meanings, Psychiatria Danubina 27 (1), 123-129, ISBN 0353-5053
  5. Kasum, J., Cvjetković, S., J., Stanivuk, T., (2013) Dynamic model for calculating the VHF radio horizon at sea, Brodogradnja/Shipbuilding, Vol. 64 No 4.


e. Special achievements in your scientific and professional fields or particular functions not mentioned previously (e.g. book or university textbook authorship, registered patents, journal peer-reviewing (please cite the journal according to Q-Index), dean service, EU and international projects peer-reviewing, state office/civil service, membership in other academies, membership in governing bodies of the international scientific and professional organizations, invited lectures delivered at distinguished universities etc.) (up to five achievements):

  1. University Department of Forensic science, Head of department (2015-2017 )
  2. The National Council for High Education, Republic of Croatia, Member (2005-2009)
  3. The Telecommunication Council, Republic of Croatia, Member (2001-2004)
  4. The Royal Institute of Navigation, London, United Kingdom, Member
  5. The American Academy of Forensic Science, Associate member


f. A newer color photography in electronic form (JPEG):

National/state awards and decorations for science, HATZ awards, awards by other distinguished national and international institutions and scientific and professional associations in the period 1993-2014. Please cite the awards’ names as well as years in which you have received them:


Certificate for contribution to the development of the University of Split, 2010






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