Tomšić Željko

Željko Tomšić
Full professor 
University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Born: 1957

Year of awarding diploma degree: 1981
Year of awarding PhD degree: 2001

Business address: 
University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Unska 3, Zagreb
Phone number: +385 1 6129 983
e-mail address:

Academy membership: Full member
Year of admission to HATZ: 2000.
Affiliation with the Academy Department: Department of power system

Professional activities

Leading of scientific and/or professional projects:

  • Development of expert bases for the development of the Low Carbon Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia for the period until 2030 with a view to 2050, Electric Power System, EKONERG, 2017
  • “Analysis of the justification of HEP’s investments in nuclear projects outside Croatia”, Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d. (HEP d.d.), 2016
  • RER 2013: Enhancing Energy Planning, Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development and Nuclear Safety Regulatory Oversight, IAEA (Međunarodna Agencija za atomsku energiju), 2019
  • Coordinated Research Project: ‘Financial Risk Evaluation, Using IAEA FINPLAN Tool, for Financing New Large Energy Project Build, Especially Nuclear, in Liberalised Markets for Company with Large Part of Production by Hydro Power Plant, IAEA (Međunarodna Agencija za atomsku energiju), 2016
  • TC Project CRO2003: “Identifying and Managing Financial, Economical and Energy Risks for Nuclear Power Plant Projects in Small Economies – Case Study Croatia”, IAEA (Međunarodna Agencija za atomsku energiju), 2014
  • “Intelligent Information System for Monitoring and Verification of Energy Management In Cities”, EU FP7 SEE-ERA.NET Plus Joint Cal, 2013.
  • Educational and professional support for modelling, simulation and analysis of the electricity, gas and CO2 emissions trading market and making business decisions of Hrvatska elektroprivreda using the software package for the PLEXOS market “, Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d. (HEP d.d.), 2014
  • Implementation of Emission Trading Scheme in Croatian Power Utility – education of expert team, technical preparation and development of EU ETS simulator; HEP d.d., 2014

Area of scientific and professional interest:

  • Energy and energy strategies
  • Energy markets
  • Economy in energy
  • Electric power system planning
  • Energy management and energy efficiency

Memberships in scientific or professional associations:

  • IEEE (senior member)
  • Croatian Energy Society HED
  • Croatian Nuclear Society HND
  • Europen Nuclear Society ENS

Awards or recognitions:

  • Awarded by ‘J.J.Strossmayer’, the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, for his book ‘POWER PLANTS AND THE ENVIRONMENT as the best scientific work in technical sciences (2001)
  • Awarded by ‘Hrvoje Požar’, the Croatian Energy Association’ for his book ‘Power Plants and the Environment (2001)
  • Awarded by the Energy magazine on the occasion of its 50th anniversary to authors with most published articles in the Energy in the period between 1991 – 2000 (2001)


Željko Tomšić –

Željko Tomšić –

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