Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Croatian Academy of Engineering, realising the importance of the impact of our knowledge and teaching, our projects and accomplishments, our technologies and processes, our advice and our services on the development of the economy, the competitiveness of Croatian products and the quality of life of all people, and acknowledging our personal loyalty to our profession, hereby pledge ourselves to the highest level of ethical and professional behaviour.

We pledge to use our knowledge and skills for the good of mankind, to be guided by honesty and impartiality, to perform conscientiously our duties and to aspire constantly to increase our own competence and the prestige of the engineering profession. We have accepted the principles of sustainable development as an important support to our traditional ethical norms and standards.

We declare freely and consciously:

We shall make responsible decisions in accordance with human safety, health and prosperity; we shall publish the known factors which might impose threat to the people and the environment; we shall prevent damage which might be done to other people, their property, their reputation and protect them from mistaken or malicious actions.

We shall improve the understanding of technology, its appropriate implementation, and knowledge and understanding of its possible consequences; we shall maintain and improve our technical competence and accept technical assignments only if we are trained, experienced and qualified to do so.

We shall demand, accept and provide honest criticism of technical work, admit and correct mistakes, and correctly evaluate the contributions of others; we shall prevent real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever it is possible and announce the effects to the injured parties, if there be any.

We shall be honest and realistic in our statements, founding our estimates on available data, refuse any kind of corruption; we shall treat every person honestly, regardless of their race, religion, sex, social status, financial wealth, disability, age, or national origin.

We shall assist colleagues and associates in their professional development and support them in the acceptance of this Code of Ethics, and we shall legally and publicly defend them whenever they act in accordance with this Code.

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