A Word from the President

Dear readers,

The Croatian Academy of Engineering is a scientific organization which brings together distinguished scientists from Croatia and abroad in the fields of technological and biotechnological sciences. The Academy promotes technological sciences, gathering and encouraging cooperation of the scientists of various technological, biotechnological and other fields in order to support efficient scientific and economic development of Croatia without gaining any profit.

In May, 2013 the Academy has celebrated the 20th Anniversary of its founding. On this occasion a significant contribution of its members in the development of Croatia in the scientific and economic fields has been emphasized. A respectable number of, at the moment, more than 270 individual members, with more than 40 supporting, corporative members in the fields of science and higher education systems as well as the economy, in the Croatian context certainly accounts for a significant force, which can initiate development processes and stimulate advancement of the technological profession in Croatia.

At the same time the Elective Assembly of the Academy has taken place, on the occasion of which the new Governing Board as well as the Secretaries of the Departments for the period 2013-2017 have been elected.

The new Governing Board has offered to the Academy members a strategic program of activities based on the following tasks:

  •  strenghtening the cooperation with enterprises, faculties, institutes and ministries by engagement of all Academy bodies and as many individuals as possible in order to augment the recognition of the Academy and to facilitate the problem-solving of the ventures in Croatia with the aim of finding the fastest way out of a severe social and economic crisis,
  •  organizing as many as possible scientific and expert meetings on the actual topics in the fields of all Academy’s Departments activities,
  • continuing with the Academy’s pivotal annual conferences „Technological Sciences for the Croatian Economy“, which would bring together as many scientists and entrepreneurs as possible,
  •  enhancement of the marketing actions in promotion of the Academy’s recignition as a top scientific institution of the Croatian economy. It applies especially to public appearances with the standpoints on the contemporary problems of the Croatian economy, proposals of the strategic development of Croatia as well as proposing the scientific, technological and general expert projects and topics of interest for the development of the Croatian economy,
  • continuation of the support of publishing the Academy’s books and publications, expanding auspices over as many meetings and publishing ventures of the Academy members as possible as well as other publicist-writing and publishing ventures,
  • stimulating the cooperation with other similar institutions in Croatia and abroad, especially those in the EU,
  • as the most important task, encouraging all Academy members to recognize their intellectual interest through the activities of the Academy bodies and to contribute to the activities of the Academy through a fellowship in the realization of this extensive program in order to steer the Academy as a worthy, prominent and engaged institution of the Republic of Croatia.

Certainly, in this moment of overall crisis these tasks are challenging and hardly feasible without recognition of the importance of the Croatian Academy of Engineering by the state authorities and the economy. This recognition is possible only by results of a quality work of all Academy members and their public engagement.

Therefore I invite all our members, as prominent scientists, supporting corporative members and other institutions as well as all other interested readers to join us in the realization of this strategic program, for this is certainly an important contribution to our society in its still difficult path of development into a knowledge-based society and a society of content people in our homeland.

Prof. Vladimir Andročec, Ph. D.

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