Skov, Iva Ridjan

Iva Ridjan Skov
Associate Professor 
Aalborg University Denmark
Born: 1988

Year of awarding PhD degree: 2015, Aalborg University Denmark

Business address: 

Aalborg University Denmark, A.C. Meyers Vænge 15A, A2, 2450 København SV, Denmarke-mail:

Academy membership: International member
Year of admission to HATZ: 2021
Affiliation with the Academy Department: Department of power systems

Professional activities


  • Innomission Mission II: MissionGreenFuels: Methanol-to-jet fuel process development, 2022-2025, active
  • Fyrtårn Syd Udnyttelse af overskudsvarme på PtX-anlæg ved Kassø, 2022-2023, active
  • sEEnergies – Quantification of synergies between energy efficiency first principle and renewable energy systems, 2019-2022, finished
  • BioCat Roslev – Phase 1, 2018-2019, finished
  • EP2Gas: Efficient Power2Gas Combining SOEC and Biomass Gasification (EP2Gas), 2017-2020, finished
  • Towards solid oxide electrolysis plants in 2020, 2015-2020, finished
  • SOEC2: Solid Oxide Electrolysis for Grid Balancing, 2013-2015, finished


Awards or recognitions:

  • ForskEL-prize 2016 for project “Solid Oxide Electrolysis for Grid Balancing”, 2016
  • Elite research travel grant from Danish Ministry of Education and Research, 2014


Iva Ridjan Skov-

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