“Engineering Power“ Vol. 8(1) 2009

“Engineering Power“ Vol. 8(1) 2009 (.pdf)

Photonic Crystals – Enabling Optical Signal Processing

Upcoming Meetings

Agreement signed between HATZ and Austrian Academy of Sciences Euro-CASE Board meeting n° 34

CAETS 2009 Calgary

24th Assembly of the HATZ

New Governing Board of the HATZ

New Presidency of the HATZ

Short CVs of the HATZ Awards
Laureates for 2008
Life Award “The Power of Knowledge”
Annual Award “Rikard Podhorsky”
Award to the Young Scientist “Vera Johanides”

New Members and Promoted Members of the HATZ
I. Department of Systems and Cybernetics
II. Department of Information Systems
III. Department of Communication Systems
IV. Department of Power Systems
V. Department of Transport
VI. Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy
VII. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
VIII. Department of Chemical Engineering
IX. Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
X. Department of Bioprocess Engineering
XI. Department of Mining and Metallurgy
XII. Department of Textile Technology

Promoted to the Members Emeriti of the HATZ

In memoriam

Annual 2008 of the Croatian Academy of Engineering

Water Management in Croatia

New Professors Emerit of the University of Zagreb