“Engineering Power“ Vol. 6(1) 2007

“Engineering Power“ Vol. 6(1) 2007 (.pdf)

Andrija Mohorovičić – the great Croatian Scientist

New Members of HATZ

Nuclear Power Plants and their Potential Significance for Croatia

The HATZ Awards for 2006

Manors and Villas – Cultural Heritage as a Generator of Economic Development

Energy and Environment 2006

Energy Policy Scenarios to 2050 World – Europe – Croatia

Tiskarstvo 07

XXth Croatian meeting of chemistry professionals and chemical engineers

Second Congress of Croatian Scientists from the Homeland and Abroad

Review on the Brochure “Survey of Achievements from January 2004 to April 2007”

Engineers’ Day was declared in Hungary

Activities of the Croatian Academy of Engineering with Respect to the Marking of the Year of Nikola Tesla

Supporting Members of the HATZ in 2007

Euro-CASE Board Meeting No 30

Members of the National Academy of Engineering USA (NAE)

Inclusion of the Annual 2006 of the Croatian Academy of Engineering into ISI Proceedings Indices

National Security and Transport Perspectives in Croatia

Science and Technology Policy of the Republic of Croatia

Annual 2006 of the Croatian Academy of Engineering

Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods

Intelligent Textiles for Personal Protection and Safety

Library of the Croatian Academy of Engineering

In memoriam Vladimir Muljević

In memoriam Siniša Ban

Engineering Education the Bologna Process

CAETS 2007 Tokyo