“Engineering Power“ Vol. 4(2) 2005

“Engineering Power“ Vol. 4(2) 2005 (.pdf)

Development of New Technologies and Products in Croatia

Report from the 20th Assembly (Elective) of the Croatian Academy of Engineering

Programme of Activities of the HATZ in 2005

The HATZ Programme for Life-Long Learning

Standing Committees of the HATZ

Election of the President, Two Vice-Presidents and the Secretary-General of the HATZ (2005-2009)

Presidency of the Croatian Academy of Engineering (2005-2009)

The European Information Society Technologies Prize

16th Convocation of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS) and  International Symposium “Oceans and the World’s Future”

Report from the Euro-CASE Board Meeting

Ethics in Application and Development of the Engineering Sciences

HATZ provides Auspices upon the Ceremony of Presentation of the “Hrvoje Požar” Annual Awards and Scolarships

The Awards of HAZU Granted to HATZ Full Members Prof. Zijad Haznadar, Ph. D. and Prof. Mladen Šćitaroci-Obad, Ph. D.