Zlatko Kniewald
Annual Report on the Activities of the Croatian Academy of Engineering in 2006

Jasna Kniewald, Zlatko Kniewald
The Ocean and its Environment as a Source of Food Production

Klaudio Tominović
Knowledge Economy in Technical System with high Capital Value

Vinko Barišić
The Role of Knowledge and Highly Educated Personnel
in the Relocation of JADRAN Hosiery Factory Plc

Ivan Gabrić
ComVis – Interactive Data Visualization Tool

Marijan Bušić
Croata and Science
NIKOLA TESLA 150th Anniversary of the Birth International Scientific and Professional Meeting
“The Life and Work of Nikola Tesla”
June 28 – 29, 2006, Zagreb, Croatia

Stjepan Mesić
Opening speech of the President of the Republic of Croatia

Harold K. Forsen
Nikola Tesla: scientist, engineer, inventor

Carl-Henric Svanberg
Tesla Vision Lives on in Ericsson

Tanja Milović, Ljiljana Kuterovac
Nikola Tesla’s Patents – Essence of Patent Protection shown in the example of Nikola Tesla’s Patents

Ankica Valenta
Tesla’s Works and Works about Tesla in Croatian Libraries, Searchable via Online Catalogue

Mario Filipi
The Saint of Science and the Martyr of Humanity – Nikola Tesla and the Social Surroundings in which he lived

Saša Dešić, Darko Huljenić, Vlado Vrlika
Innovation Management as a Basis for Successful Development

Darko Huljenić, Saša Dešić
Nikola Tesla from the Aspect of Communication

Pavol Podhradský
Evolution Trends of the Converged Networks and Next Generation Networks

Dragan Poljak, Zoran Blažević, Vicko Dorić
Modeling of Tesla’s Transmitter using the Antenna Theory Approach

Narcis Behlilović, Mesud Hadžialić, Adem Mustafić
Application of Advanced Encryption Standard in Virtual Private Networks Implementation

Mesud Hadžialić, Narcis Behlilović, Anida Sarajlić, Pamela Begović
An Analytical Approach to Error Evaluation in Gamma Shadowed
Nakagami-m Fading Channel for Different Path Loss Models

Konstantin Meyl
Scalar Wave Effects according to Tesla – Field-physical basis for electrically coupled bidirectional far range transponders, such as Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower

Mustafa Musić, Melita Ahić-Ðokić, Osman Mušić
Modulation of Ultrasonic Signal in Vortex Street of Fluids

Zvonimir Jakobović
Tesla’s High Frequency Currents in Electrotherapy
Symposium “Tesla in Croatia”
September 13, 2006, UNESCO House, Paris, France

Petar Selem
Speech of the President of the Committee for Education, Science and Culture of the Croatian Parliament

Tomislav Petković
Implications of Tesla’s Inventions and His Moral Character on the Development of Contemporary Science and Technology

Kurt R. Richter
Nikola Tesla’ European Time

Branka Zovko-Cihlar
From Tesla’s Inventions in the Field of Radiocommunications to Digital Broadcasting for Multimedia Services

Stjepan Car
Nikola Tesla and Končar Group
“With Tesla to the Progress of Croatia”
November 24, 2006, Zagreb, Croatia

Vedran Mornar
Bologna Process and the Education for the 21st Century

Ivica Toljan
European Electric Interconnection

Gordana Kovačević
Ericsson Nikola Tesla: Following Tesla’s Vision
“Marie Curie Workshop 2006 in Croatia and Serbia”
October 8 – 10, 2006, Zagreb and Belgrade, Croatia and Serbia

Janez Potočnik
Address by Commissioner

Raffaele Liberali